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Autotest Regulations 2019

1. Eligible Driver

1.1. Participants are required to have valid driving license in order to participate in the Autotest.

2. Eligible Cars and Category

2.1. Autotest is an event that is made up of 2 separate elements of Motorsports, namely Gymkhana and Auto Cross. Each element is further broken down to different sub-classes based on car types as well as the level of experience of the drivers.

2.2. Gymkhana

2.2.1. An element of Motorsports whereby advance driving techniques such as “Hand brake turn”, “Donut” and Drifting are required to clear the different obstacles set in the circuit.

2.2.2. Front Wheel Drive (FWD) – For cars with the front wheel drive platform

2.2.3. Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) – For cars with the rear wheel drive platform

2.2.4. All Wheel Drive (AWD) – For cars with the all-wheel drive platform

2.3. Auto Cross

2.3.1. An element of Motorsports whereby traction driving and racing line is the main skill sets required.

2.3.2. Veteran – Any car type/for Advance drivers*

2.3.3. Newbie – Street cars only/for Novice drivers**

2.4. Driver Status

2.4.1. Autotest Management has the right to decide on driver’s status and class and the decision made is final.

2.4.2. Advance Drivers Drivers who have won podium position in 3 or more prior motorsports event.

2.4.3. Novice Drivers  Novice drivers who have participated in the Autotest at least once are free to choose which class to join in subsequent Autotest rounds. These drivers will still be subjected to point

3. Event Format

3.1. Autotest circuit layout will consist of two identical layouts, one on each side.

3.2. Autotest will have 2 competitive formats, namely Time Attack and Knock Out.

3.3. Time Attack (TA)

3.3.1. There will be a total of 9 timed runs over the full circuit divided into 3 rounds of 3 runs each round.

3.3.2. The best timings from each round of the timed run will be added together to determine the winner of each class.

 3.4. Battle Royal Knock Out (BRKO)

3.4.1. BRKO is conducted in a “best out of 3” format whereby winner will be decided by whoever first reaches the finishing point at their own half of the circuit. No crossover of cars into the other half of the circuit is allowed.

3.4.2. There will be a total of 2 BRKO the Autotest, Gymkhana BRKO and Autocross BRKO.

3.4.3. BRKO Format Drivers of all three gymkhana classes, FWD, RWD and AWD will be competing together in the Gymkhana BRKO. Drivers of both Autocross classes, Autocross Veteran and Autocross Newbie will be competing together in Autocross BRKO. The pairing of the drivers for each run will be determined by their timing achieved in the Time Attack. Pairing is done in the following sequence, eg. In the event of 10 drivers;

1st         vs         6th

2nd        vs         7th

3rd        vs         8th

4th         vs         9th

5th         vs         10th

4. Event Regulations

4.1. Tires Management

4.1.1. Tires with tread wear of less than 140 are not allowed.

4.1.2. Markings will be made on the tires during scrutineering to ensure the same sets of tires are being used throughout the event.

4.1.3. In the event whereby there is a need to have any tires changed to due to any circumstances or the tires are deem unfit for use by scrutineers, a 4 points penalty will be imposed on the final result.

4.1.4. Swapping of tires is allowed. Eg. From front to rear or vice versa.

4.2. Sound Level Management

4.2.1. Exhaust sound level must not exceed 98dB measured at least 4 carpark lots away from the car from the start line of the circuit.

4.2.2. Test will be conducted on random basis or when there is an appeal on any particular car.

4.3. Drivers Note

4.3.1. Safety Equipment and Apparels Helmet must be worn during runs. Motorcycle helmets are the minimum requirement. OEM seat belt or above must be engaged and use during runs. Covered footwear or race boots only. No slippers or flip-flops allowed singlets or shorts allowed. T-shirts and Bermuda are the minimum requirement.

4.3.2. The Drivers shall accept the consequences should they be unaware of any conditions or modifications to the timetable which might be decided prior to the start.

4.3.3. The Drivers shall take their place in the standby area at least 10 minutes prior to their start. Any Drivers who fail to report to the standby area or fail to report to the start of their turn will risk disqualification from the said run in question.

4.3.4. Any Vehicle which has triggered the timing apparatus shall be considered as having started, and shall not be granted a second start.

4.3.5. Drivers are required to ensure the cleanliness of their allocated parking area, failure to do so will result in a fine of $50 inflicted by the Autotest Management.

 4.3.6. No refueling is allowed at the parking lot area.

4.3.7. No smoking is allowed at the event compound.

4.4. Podium, Prizes and Cups

4.4.1. Autotest Event There will be a total of 8 sets of trophies and medals awarded to the respective winner of the following classes; Gymkhana FWD – Time Attack Gymkhana RWD – Time Attack Gymkhana AWD – Time Attack Autocross Veteran – Time Attack Autocross Newbie – Time Attack Gymkhana Battle Royal – Knock Out Autocross Battle Royal – Knock Out The podium ceremony will be held immediately after the event. The Winners of all classes must be present

4.5. Penalties

4.5.1. Time Penalty of 2 seconds will be added to Driver’s timing for the following; Failure to stop astride at the finishing line. Knocking down of cones/water barriers/any other fixtures causing them to move out of their marked boundaries. Start/Rollin Starts to keep within the start up box during launching of vehicle during TA and KO.

4.5.2. DNF will be given to the Driver’s run in the following situation; Wrong course. Mechanical failure. Bad conduct. Reckless driving.

5. Appeals, Protest and Fine

5.1. All protests or appeals must be made by submitting a form 9 to the Autotest Management or Chief Steward together with a fee of $100.

5.2. The right to protest or appeal only lies with the Drivers.

5.3. If the protest or appeal is without foundation and/or acted in bad faith. All or part of the fee may be retained and further action may be taken against the driver who initiates the appeal or protest.

5.4. If the protest or appeal is proven to be valid. All fee or part of the fee stated in 9.1 will be refunded.

6. Disclaimer and Notice

6.1. All rules and regulations are subjected to change without notification and are at the discrepancies of the organizer.