March 23, 2018

AUTOTEST is back for its 5th year running with added improvements in its system and slight tweaks in its format. The dates for all four rounds of Autotest have been announced:


Round 1: 8 April 2018

Round 2 : 20 May 2018

Round 3 : 26 Aug 2018

Round 4 : 11 Nov 2018



General Rules

  1. Drivers will be confined to a “box” when starting off to resolve the rolling start advantage to drivers that like to start off from a distance.
  2. Slight changes to the sound regulation will be made to ensure sound check is being conducted smoothly and not at the expense of holding up event progress.
  3. New prizes for 4th and 5th position for each class will be introduced as a form of encouragement and motivation to all drivers.
  4. The “Most consistent” driver award will be removed.
  5. A New “Bolt Lightning” award will be introduced for the Best Reaction time from starting off.

In terms of event format,

  1. There will no longer be any practise runs. The event will start straight away with the Time Attack.
  2. The Time Attack will be changed to 3 runs per round without swapping* and a total of 3 rounds will be conducted.
    Participants will expect a total of 9 runs in total for Time Attack. Removing the swapping during rounds would help to lessen the time needed for each round. Swapping will only occur during the beginning of each round instead.
  3. Results will be calculated by adding up the best timing of each round.

For Team Challenge

  1. There is an increase in fee from $400 to $500 for Team Entry Signups.
  2. Teams must now comprise of ONLY drivers from Class A and C. Class B and D participants will not be eligible for Team Challenge category.
  3. Team drivers will be driving in the circuit at the same time, according to their respective circuit layout for their individual classes. Team drivers will have to coordinate among themselves to ensure they take the different circuit route into consideration. Any mistake by either driver may have a direct impact on the team result.

Registration is now opened and participants can register via For sponsorship enquiries, interested parties can contact the organisers via